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Project Upcycle

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Project Upcycle, is an initiative supported by Gopal Emporium and curated by Ms. Monica Vaswani. The chief idea behind Project Upcycle is making most of the waste material and using the same to create not only products but, also raise fund for a noble cause.

“We provide alteration facilities to our customers that’s how we have a lot of waste fabrics, old catalogues and other accessories.
One fine day it dawned me to reuse this waste, and turn it in something productive that’s when I came up with Project UpCycle whereby, the proceeding received by selling these products are used in charity for Children Welfare Programme.  ” says, Monica 
It began with launch of Ethnic Coin Pouches which, was promoted by CityShor
Feature in CityShor 
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In February, 2016 The Second Edition of Project Upcycle was launched with more variant products.
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Few of the products were featured in Femina, Gujarat March 2016
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We don’t wish to stop just here, we wish to spread awareness about Up-cycling giving you ample reasons to indulge in this beautiful process.
Why you should indulge in Up Cycling Products?
Often misinterpreted with Re-Cycle, Up-Cycle is a process of,
‘creating something out of nothing’.

Just as Re-Cycling it is surely an environment friendly process. In layman’s connotation it is “best from waste”  Up-cycling is much easier as one doesn’t need to invest time, and energy in the process of re-cycling the waste. On the contrary, one uses waste as raw material to create something absolutely new.There are no. of ways to utilize the waste depending on one’s creativity and skill. Up-cycling is definitely something that each one of us should indulge in, here are the reasons WHY?

1.) Up-Cycling kindles your creativity.

For a creative individuals the feeling of having created something useful is worth more than million dollar. The process of up-cycling gives one immense scope to explore, nurture one’s creative nuances.

2.) Boon for conserving nature.

When one utilises waste products, in a way one limits the production. We all are well versed with the fact that production process entails a big deal of chemicals, human power, and consumption of other sources of energy. You conserve nature by reusing otherwise discarded things.

3.) Scope for a small-scale industry.

Most organisation invite the scope for the up-cycling moment which, can mature into small scale industry. By doing so not only the organisation is benefited with revenue but, it also contributes in conserving nature.

4.) Boosts Economy

When taken on professional level with people allocated in production of up-cycled products it generates employment base. In addition to generating income it also saves money by minimizing the cost of resources.

5.) Reduces Industrial Waste

As it minimizes production to a significant the toxic emitting waste is reduced to some extent.

6.) Promotes philosophy of Zero Waste

Up Cycling promotes cradle-to-cradle design approach which is base of Zero Waste
philosophy. This supports faster progress and sustainability.

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